Helpful Hints When Looking For a new Fence or rental fence in Massachusetts


Know Your Property Lines

Make sure you know where your property lines are before you commit to a fence. East Coast Fence, Inc. recommends you hire a registered surveyor to stake exactly where your property lines are.

Know Your Town Requirements

Some towns have local by-laws about height , style, setbacks, etc. Contact your local building department.

Know Your Yard

Check and mark the location of septic systems, oil tanks, sprinklers and any other underground obstructions that could be effected by digging before digging any holes contact dig safe to mark all utilities! It's the law!

Know Your Needs

What do you want from your new fence? Privacy? Security? Style? All of this information will help your fence company recommend a fence for you.

Know Your Budget

Visit fence companies in person with a detailed drawing, location of gates and lengths needed if you can. Get some feeling for cost vs. style. Find a fence style that works for you and your budget.

Know the Fence Company

While visiting fence companies, look around. Are they helpful? Is the place neat? Do they manufacture? Do they display their products? Are they the kind of company you want working at your home? Are they members of trade organizations?

Know the Job

Have the fence companies you feel are reputable come out to your home and give you an actual written quotation on your job. Does the person who looks at your work know what they are talking about? Do you feel confident with them?

Know Your Cost

Have the price on your job spelled out in written contracts with specifications and payment terms.

We at East Coast Fence, Inc. hope this hint list helps you in your search for quality fencing at affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your fencing questions, we are here to help you.